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Hatfield Interiors throughout Lockdown

Even in these unprecedented times here at Hatfield Interiors we've still been productive throughout lockdown. We have been busy growing fruit and veg, completing projects and creating more art.

Due to the lockdown we haven't seen any brand managers to view new collections as of yet, but over the last couple of weeks we've been able to order lots of new samples for clients who are keen to get underway with new projects and even managed to find suitable designs in our current sample books to fulfil their needs.

As people have been spending more time at home we have found that our Sanderson and Zoffany paint sale orders have increased. Should you have a decorating project we can order tester pots to help you with your decision making and then supply the tins of paint, with a 1 - 2 working day delivery.


Shop Opening Times

From the 23rd we are hoping to have our opening hours back to normal, Tuesday - Saturday, 10 - 3. However should you wish to call in to discuss a project it would be advisable to telephone first to make sure Rachel will be here.


"Knit and Knatter"

After 3 months apart some of our knitters have returned to catch up and enjoy each others company in our garden at a safe distance. If you fancy joining the group at any time they meet on Wednesdays at 10.00am, please contact for further details. At the moment it will be weather dependant to meet Government regulations.

Family Life During Lockdown.

From the 23rd March as like many households in the country we went into lockdown. On the 24th Rachel had a shoulder operation, so with those two factors it meant all production in Hatfields came to a halt and family time took over.

Lucy came home, as Falmouth University closed, Jessica started home schooling and Paul began working from home for the first time ever in his career. Janet had to isolate from us and spend even more time in her garden!

As this has been a difficult time for many people we have tried to come up with ways to keep moral up. We tried to mark any occasions like 'VE day'. Although we originally planned a party with friends and family, it didn't stop the five of us dressing up with an afternoon tea, listening to 40's music, putting up decorations, watching the Queens speech, all topped off with a G&T!

Jess had the idea of a 'friendly' game of Come Dine With Me, which soon turned out to be a very fierce competition. We all had a night where we had to prepare 3 course meals, extra points go to the amount of effort you put in with themes, decorations, presentation and entertainment. Paul did an American theme, Rachel did Continental, Jessica did a Friday Night Dinner (from the TV show) and Lucy did an Asian theme. The results are in.... in 4th place was Paul, in joint 2nd was Lucy & Jess and in 1st was Rachel. (But only by half a point!)

Janet has inspired us to grow sunflowers, which we are turning into a competition of who can grow the tallest one! Rachel also has a competition pending of portrait drawing, so you'll have to wait for the results! Apart from being competitive we've also enjoyed going on more walks, gardening, reading and doing the usual binge watching Netflix.


As we have spent a lot of time in the garden and surrounding fields we have noticed so much more nature. A wide variety of birds have nested in our courtyard including; Wrens, Blue tits, Blackbirds, House sparrows to name a few. We have also been lucky enough to have encountered a hedgehog, who has since moved in to our garden, he has become a regular visiter (who we have named Hog, he often enjoys a bowl of mealworms that we put out for him.

Art Workshops

Before the lockdown we had planned to run some art workshops this summer over a two day period. The first day would entail creating your own design that we could have printed on fabric. The second day would be making your fabric into cushions, lampshades etc. Hopefully we will be able to run this at some point in the future, please get in touch if you're interested.

Cream Teas

We know this lockdown has been a hard time for everyone so we wanted to be able to offer a little break to anyone who needs it. Starting from 23rd June throughout the summer months if you fancy meeting up with a friend we are offering cream teas situated in our garden to adhere to the social distancing guidelines. You will need to pre-book, please get in contact if you are interested.

Garden Studio Space

Julia Foster who runs Bowen Treatment from our studio should hopefully be back in August, in the meantime she will be starting back at her clinic in Worcester. If you would like to get in touch with her, call on: 07964 298 337 or via website:

Kerry Davies was going to start her CBT clinic in March, which is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. If you would like to find out more please visit her website at: or call on: 07810583394

Keep safe, sane and healthy and we hope to see you soon!

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