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Winter Celebrations!

Believe it or not we have been open in our location of Cutnall Green 10 years in 2020.

We thought as a thank you to all our loyal customers we would offer 10% discount on all our Christmas Decorations and Lights as well as our Seasonal Gifts up to Christmas.

On your visit to us just quote 2020 and we will be able to reduce your purchase, every little helps this time of year!

On Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd November we are holding a shopping event where you can take advantage of festive refreshments, so if you want to bring a friend and enjoy a bit of shopping with some fizz or a pot of tea and mince pies, please come along!

Busy Year

2019 has been another busy year for Hatfield Interiors, there have been lots of interesting properties and some lovely clients, all to make doing this job wonderfully rewarding. The designs, colours, fabrics and textures are inspiring and even when you are working with something that isn't your taste, you can still appreciate the final outcome.


Soft blush pink have made a real resurgence over the past 18 months, its not just a bedroom colour anymore or just suited to girls.

Deep blues and greens are still extremely popular with accents of mustard yellows, raspberry reds to create even more warmth and richness. Most of our clients prefer less shiny fabrics and opt for the linen, wool and the textured look of matt velvets.


Popular as ever; to retain an old favourite piece of furniture, restore and recover or even rebuild by adding arms etc...

Before After

Before After



The 2 seater sofa was never quite big enough for a growing family, however the shape and style suited the room. Our experienced upholsterer was able to cut the existing sofa in the middle and make the base longer. Now with 3 pads and an over sized footstool it creates a contemporary corner sofa that can accommodate lots of people.

Bespoke Sofa

This sofa was completed recently for a client, who wanted a corner sofa but was concerned about the size being to overpowering in the room. Therefore we made the furniture to her exact measurements and suggested a large footstool to act as an extension to the sofa, but that it could be moved around.

Student Life

Even students can have luxurious rooms while away at University. My daughter Lucy is in her second year at Falmouth studying Creative Advertising. She moved in to typical student accommodation in September, but of course being my daughter she couldn't have a plain boring room, even the curtains are 'William Morris'.

Local Glass Artists - Ling & Hansen

"We are two local keen crafters who have been developing a passion for fused glass art and jewellery over the last year. We create all our work in either a microwave kiln or a full sized element kiln and are constantly learning new techniques and discovering surprising effects. We have a wide range of colourful jewellery and glass art, and at this time of year a selection of sparkling Christmas decorations. We also offer a bespoke service to those wishing to complement their interiors with unique glass art."

Along with our lovely gifts Ling & Hansen will be here on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd November with their hand made items. Please come along and have a browse at all the wonderful things we have to offer.

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