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Bedroom Revamp!

All Change!

Do you have a room that you have never been totally happy with?

Is it a room that is ok but you wanted the WOW factor?

This bedroom was just that, a nice room but was always lacking.

We felt introducing some subtle colours and textures would help to pull the room together and create more impact.

Firstly we found a fabric that complimented the existing curtain fabric, but had the warm tones required. This was then made into a large ceiling shade and cushions for the bed.

The existing bed had a low wooden headboard that didn't really add much to the room, so an upholstered headboard was introduced.

The bed was turned around so the wooden headboard became a base board, leaving the wall open to fix a large buttoned headboard to. Our upholsterer did a button layout that was more contemporary than the traditional diagonal pattern which also added to the design aspect of the room. The leftover fabric was then used for cushions.

By re-arranging some of the furniture and introducing a rug and pictures the room felt totally different without having to redecorate or change any existing furnishings.

The idea is to keep things minimal and not add too much colour or too many co-ordinating items, otherwise the room can look over styled.


The more a room is pleasing to the eye, the more enjoyable it feels to live in, especially a bedroom.

Many people say they sleep better when their room is tidy, relaxing and comfortable.

If you have a room that requires this type of simple but very effect change but you are not sure where to start or what to add, then speak to Rachel and Natalie for further help. You can book a design visit for £50 where we can visit your home and help you create the look you have always wanted!

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