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Summer Madness!

A day out at Whitewick Manor

We had a great day out at Whitewick Manor recently... If you like William Morris and a good old national trust property you would love it here! We recognised many Morris fabrics and wallpapers that we sell in the showroom and gathered endless interiors inspiration from this beautifully decorated Manor House. We have designed quite a few pairs of curtains recently with leading and trailing edges and as you can see below, its a great way of injecting pattern into a room without going overboard when there is a lot of fabric needed!

Wightwick Manor houses an important collection of Pre-Raphaelite and Arts and Crafts pictures and furnishings, including textiles, embroidery, metalwork, silk and wool textiles by Morris and Co.; paintings and drawings by Rossetti, Holman-Hunt, Millais and Burne-Jones.

There is a large collection of mostly late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century books including books from the Kelmscott Press.

here's Jess when she got to "tickle the ivories" on a beautiful grand piano

Followed by our obligatory day out selfie!

Keepin' the kids busy during Half Term

Jess has been Baking up a storm and selling her delicious cakes, biscuits and traybake in the tea-room!

Lucy & Jess have been helping us in the sewing room and are becoming quite the dab hand with a needle.

And Jess has been busy making us all amazing


(see below for high-fashion photoshoot)

Don't worry though... we did let Jess out for the day on her birthday!

(A trip to the Sea-life centre followed by a KrispyKreme celebration)

Completed Projects

We have recently completed this nursery project for a proud grandmother and are so pleased with the finished design.

The Vanessa Arbuthnott fabric with stylised pre-historic illustrations in a rich ochre tone works perfectly for a baby's room (doubling up as a guest room) and is still versatile to use in any room at any window... as you can see we have done below in this utility room!

The rocking chair has also been re-upholstered in a complimentary Vanessa Arbuthnott fabric.

Pelmets on the staircase

If you have tricky windows on the stairs and don't know how to tackle seeing the track of a blind, then we have the solution... pelmets completely covered with fabric!

We made the cutest 30cm wide blind and pelmet in this beautiful Emma Bridgewater Fig fabric to compliment the sweet-pea wallpaper, and doesn't it look fantastic!

The tricky bit was fitting the blind at the very top window on the stairs...

Behind the scenes...

Heres a silly snap of us in our "protective clothing" whilst using the circular saw

for your entertainment only...

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