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Its all going on at Hatfield!

Re-designing the Showroom

We are in the middle of a blitz of the showroom, having put up 2 new wallpapers and currently making new display curtains in any spare moments we get!

Here are some pictures of our progress...

Our new voyage wallpaper highlights beautifully our pole and Sanderson paint display! If you are interested then pop into the showroom to peruse the new season collection, full of amazing watercolour designs.

Here are our preliminary ideas for the main wall and curtains in the showroom.

We wanted to display the William Morris paper to show that you can take a timeless classical wallpaper and mix it with contemporary fabrics and colours to create a modern feel that would suit any age and style of property.

INTERLUDE! Thought you might be interested in our little impromptu adventure as I was putting the blog together...

I had to quickly pop home to put down the garden parasol as it is terribly windy today... So on my travels (just up the road in Cutnall Green) I came across a lost dog (a lovely Rhodesian Ridgeback). I called Rachel at the shop for help as I had never seen her before and there was nobody around and Rachel promptly came to our aid. We marched around the village and found a friendly neighbour who walks his dog regularly so asked if he knew the owner...and he did! We managed to get her home safe and sound and have definitely earned

our good karma for the week!


Problem solving on the job!

We were out at a customer's home this week hanging curtains and when we got to the window over the stairs we realised we would not reach the left side of the pole without a very tall ladder!

After telling the customer we would send our fitter out promptly to finish hanging the last pair, we had a brilliant idea... we would hang the curtain at the side we could reach, then slide it over and use walking sticks to push the pole up and slide the end ring over so that it would be held in place!

It was tricky but we managed it and felt a great deal of satisfaction for our improvised tactics...

it even warranted a high five!

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