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Sanderson Paint!

Sanderson paint for sale

Sanderson Paint

We are now selling Sanderson paint in the shop!

We have experimented with painting some furniture features in Rachel's home and found that it's great to work with and they have a fantastic selection of colours.

Pop in to grab your free colour chart!

Hatfield Interiors Cutnall Green

To hide your plain boring radiators, paint a radiator cover and turn it into a feature for your room!

Top Tip: If you're painting a piece of furniture with an accent colour, it balances out the look to do two or more pieces!

Here we painted the radiator cover with Sanderson's 'Vineyard' and also transformed an old cubby hole shelf using the same colour to balance out the room!

Keep scrolling for more furniture painting tips!

For undercoating we always use "B I N" shellac paint - it's a great way to cover any kind of marks, knots and dark colouration, it takes 1-2 coats depending on how dark the surface is.

After the shellac has completely dried, you're ready for the eggshell paint, 2-3 coats will do the trick!

TOP TIP: If you're painting over several days to allow each layer to dry properly, (the more patient of us!)

then you can wrap the brush head with plenty of clingfilm so you don't have to keep washing the brush out! (It also prevents watering down the paint!

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