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Lampshade Workshops!

We have been having lots of fun experimenting with Lampshade kits over the weekend so that we can run workshops through the summer! Ours have turned out to be a success (with a few glitches along the way earning us plenty of useful tips!) and they look great!

Rachel's shade can now be found in

her porch, complimenting the

curtains perfectly...

(fabric: Curtains and shade both Linwood)

Kirsten's shade is tying together the pink accents of her daughter's bedroom beautifully!

Joy's shade sits pride of place in her lounge alongside her matching handmade cushions!

Natalie has used her own woven fabric to cover her lampshade, it was a struggle due to the thickness of the fabric and fraying but perseverance paid off and it looks fantastic!

Join us!

If you would like to participate

in a Lampshade Workshop then please get in touch as we would like to see how many are interested before

we decide on dates.

We may extend the workshops to a full day course including cushion please let us know if this would interest you!

Workshops are a great treat for friends and family so let us know if you are considering a group!

The workshops will run for one morning or afternoon and include light refreshments.

Alternatively you can buy lampshade making kits in our shop to try yourself at home!

Don't fancy making your own shade?

That's ok...we can make it for you!

We can even help you find the perfect fabric to compliment your interiors

Pop into the showroom or email us for more information or a quote

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